Welcoming Daniela Peixoto to the group

Dr. Daniela Peixoto was hired to work on the project entitled Drug Discovery for p53 PPI-targets. This project is financed by the Portuguese Science Foundation (FCT) to discover and develop novel molecules able of inhibiting the p53–MDM2/X interaction. The computational chemistry studies will involve the discovery of novel putative inhibitors using a combination of pharmacophore, docking and virtual screening of drug like databases following a hit to lead strategy. In-house hits will also enter optimizations stages using similar computational strategies. Her work will also transmit relevant information for the organic synthesis supervised by Dr. Maria M.M. Santos of iMed/FFUL.

The research to be developed will follow the efforts previously published in the papers:

We welcome Dr. Daniela at the group and send our best wishes for an excellent scientific output and career development.

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