Welcoming Bruno Gonçalves to the group

Dr. Bruno Gonçalves was hired to work on the project entitled Multidrug Resistance Reversal in Cancer: Natural Compounds as P-glycoprotein and Breast Cancer Resistance Protein Modulators. This project is financed by the Portuguese Science Foundation (FCT) to discover and develop novel molecules able of being dual modulators of ABC transporters. The computational chemistry studies will involve the study of the P-gp/ABCB1 and BCRP/ABCG2 transporters regarding drug recognition and efflux modulation mechanisms.

The goal is also to improve on the modulation ability of in-house molecules, obtained from natural sources. His work will also transmit relevant information aiming at guiding the derivatization of organic compounds, that will be supervised by Prof. Maria J.U Ferreira of iMed/FFUL.

The research to be developed will pursue the efforts previously published in the following representative papers:

We welcome Dr. Bruno at the group and send our best wishes for an excellent scientific output and career development.

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